Neighbourhood Development Plan

cropped-millbrook-illustration-1.jpgA legal planning document

A Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is an up and coming planning document which, once validated, approved and adopted by Cornwall Council will become a legal point of reference for any person or organisation looking to develop residential housing, business premises or convert property in the Rame Peninsula.

Why we need an NDP

To understand why we need a neighbourhood plan, you need to know a bit of history …

When the government introduced a single National Planning Framework in 2012 to replace local planning guidelines (which were all different as they reflected local area landscape, history and needs), their intention was to make the planning system less complex and more accessible, which would in turn, promote sustainable growth.

For our area, the NPF replaced the Caradon Local Plan – a planning policy document compiled by Cornwall Council to reflect the unique needs of Cornwall, its people and places.

MB-050-autumn-treesPut very simply, this one-size-fits-all National Planning Framework simply does not work for rural Cornwall! Cities and towns have totally different needs to an area like ours; we have very different problems to them!

Without the Caradon Local Plan, producing our own planning document for the Rame Peninsula – the Neighbourhood Development Plan – is the only way to ensure that the correct policies are in place to protect and conserve our unique area and influence any future land-use planning decisions made by Cornwall Council.

5 Parishes, One Plan

The 5 Parishes on the Rame Peninsula joined forces to produce the NDP for this area.

Creating it has been a long process which is now drawing to the end. The final, approved NDP is available in key locations in five parishes of the Rame Peninsula.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Notice of Referendum – Rame Peninsula”]

The NDP journey, including all the comments from members of the public, local businesses and groups, which influenced the final policy documents can be followed on the Rame Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan web site.