Village Amenities

Please help look after our village

Dog Fouling notice

West Street Car Park

MB-044-carsMillbrook Parish Council runs the West Street Car Park on a lease from Cornwall Council.

To apply for a permit, please download and complete this  form West Street Car Park Resident Car Park Permit, and return it to Millbrook Parish Council via the Clerk.

Please email if you have any queries.

Tractor park


Millbrook tractor park was officially opened in July 2010 and continues to be maintained and cared for by the Parish Council. It is a much loved and much used local facility.

tractor park 2

 Youth shelters

Shelters have been provided to allow local youngsters to have somewhere to sit in inclement weather.

2015-10-27 08.55.03

Skate park

The skate park was officially opened on the 23rd of June 2008 and was repainted by members of the local youth club in April 2015.

2015-10-27 08.55.17

View Skatepark Terms of Use.

Tennis courts

The tennis courts are free for use and are maintained by the Parish Council. They are also painted with netball court lines to enable local netball groups to use them.


The tanyard is at the heart of the village and is used for the monthly farmers market.

MB-002-tanyardThe tanyard was extensively tidied and replanted in 2013 by volunteers with new shrubs and plants – many of which were donated by local residents.


Bus shelters

MB-012-bus-stopIn 2014, the Parish Council organised a group of primary school children to work with a local potter to produce beautiful pottery tiles.

These tiles all featured images based around the  local area and were used to create a beautiful tiled feature in the bus shelter.

bus shelter

Please remember these facilities are unsupervised, we hope you enjoy them.